Plymouth, IN Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction can have devastating, far-reaching consequences. From incarceration and hefty fines to the loss of careers and relationships, it may only take one criminal case to destroy someone’s life forever.

At Leeman Law, our Plymouth criminal defense lawyers know how damaging convictions can be—and we know that it’s crucial for the accused to have a strong defense case. That’s why we have dedicated more than four decades to providing exceptional defense advocacy to those accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes in Indiana.

If you or a loved one is under investigation or is facing criminal charges, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start protecting your rights and building you a formidable defense case.

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Murder Defense Attorneys in Plymouth, IN

When you’re a suspect in a murder investigation or after you’ve been formally charged with murder in Indiana, an experienced lawyer can be an essential ally, making all the difference in the strength and outcome of your case.

Whether you’ve been accused of involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, or murder in Indiana, Leeman Law can help you fight the allegations.

From reinvestigating the case to working with expert witnesses and defending you in and outside the courtroom, our team has the expertise, relationships, and resources to effectively defend you in any type of homicide case in Indiana.

Plymouth, IN Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Although sex crime investigations and charges can be alarming, these cases can present various opportunities to raise reasonable doubt. From mistaken identity to a lack of physical evidence, the best defense for sex crimes cases will depend on the details and evidence of the case.

Our attorneys are ready to analyze the specifics of your situation and help you mount a strong case, regardless of whether:

  • You are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, including rape, sexual assault, prostitution, sex crimes involving children, or other charges.
  • You need help seeking removal from the Indiana Sex Offender Registry.

Plymouth, IN White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyers

Despite being nonviolent offenses, white collar crimes can still come with harsh charges and penalties—especially when:

  • Greater sums of money have allegedly been taken.
  • There are multiple alleged victims.

Whether you have been accused of fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, or another white collar crime, you can turn to the team at Leeman Law for superior defense representation.

Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Plymouth, IN

Indiana law sets forth options and the procedure for appealing the verdict and/or the sentence associated with a criminal case. In fact, the law requires that appeals are:

  • Submitted in a formal written brief within a strict deadline
  • Only made on certain grounds, like juror misconduct or ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Adjudicated by a panel of three judges

Given that you may only have one chance to file an appeal—and that the outcome of an appeal can impact your future—working with the experienced appellate lawyers at Leeman Law can be the key to presenting the strongest possible case.

Get Experienced Help Fighting the Charges: Contact a Plymouth Criminal Defense Lawyer at Leeman Law

What you know about your case and charges now may be just the tip of the iceberg. The Plymouth criminal defense attorneys at Leeman Law are ready to help you understand the big picture and provide tenacious, strategic representation at every step moving forward.

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No matter how complex your case may be—or whether you have a criminal record—you can trust our lawyers for relentless advocacy and personalized service in the pursuit of the best possible resolution.