Kokomo, IN Criminal Defense Attorney

As scary as criminal charges may be, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty—and you will have the chance to defend yourself against the accusations. When it’s time to present your defense, the lawyer you choose to represent you can make all the difference in the strength and success of your case.

Make sure you choose an experienced attorney you can trust for aggressive advocacy at every phase of your case. Make sure you work with a Kokomo criminal defense lawyer at Leeman Law.

With more than 40 years’ experience, we have the expertise, skills, relationships, and resources to effectively defend clients against misdemeanor, felony, and federal criminal charges. Whether you’re facing first-time charges or you have a record, we can provide the strategic, tireless representation you need to:

  • Present a strong defense
  • Avoid mistakes that could hurt your case
  • Navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system
  • Set your case up for the best possible resolution

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Kokomo White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyers

White collar crimes are often associated with felony charges, which can bring lengthy jail or prison sentences, along with crippling fines and other penalties. Some of the various types of white collar crime cases we’re skilled at handling include those involving charges of:

  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider trading

Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers in Kokomo, IN

Sex offense cases can be particularly complicated, as they often rely heavily on witness accounts, rather than definitive physical evidence. Even if there is physical evidence, however, the defense may have options for discrediting that evidence or getting it thrown out of court.

The Kokomo sex crimes defense attorneys at Leeman Law have a deep understanding of how prosecutors argue these cases—and we’re exceptionally skilled at representing our clients in an array of sex crimes cases, including (but not limited to) cases involving:

  • Rape, including date rape and statutory rape
  • Sexual assault and sexual battery
  • Sex crimes against children, like child molestation and child pornography
  • Prostitution, pimping, and solicitation
  • Requests to be removed from the Indiana Sex Offender Registry

Kokomo, IN Murder Defense Attorneys

Murder charges in Indiana often trigger high-profile criminal cases and the possibility of severe penalties. When you’ve been arrested for or charged with murder, the trusted lawyers at Leeman Law can take swift action to protect your rights and fight the allegations.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to strengthen a murder defense case by doing things like (but not limited to) proving:

  • Reasonable doubt
  • Procedural errors made by police or labs
  • Failure to honor the rights of the accused

These are just some of the tactics that may be effective at getting evidence thrown out, charges reduced, and/or sentences reduced.

Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Kokomo, IN

The verdict and sentencing phase of a criminal case does not have to the final word on the matter. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a case, it may be possible to appeal a conviction and/or the sentence handed down by an Indiana court.

However, in order for criminal appeals in Indiana to be successful:

  • There must be legal grounds for the appeal.
  • Appeals must be drafted, submitted, and presented in the right way.

To find out if you qualify to appeal a conviction or sentence and to discover how Leeman Law can help you with an appeal, contact us for a case review.

When Your Freedom & Future Are at Risk, Contact a Kokomo Criminal Defense Lawyer at Leeman Law

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, the sooner you contact a Kokomo criminal defense attorney at Leeman Law, the better. We can represent you during police investigations and interrogations, as well as in court, fiercely protecting your rights every step of the way.

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What you know about your case and charges now may be just the tip of the iceberg. Let us explain the big picture and empower you to craft a strong defense. A call or an email can be the first step towards positioning your case for the best possible outcome.