Employment & Civil Rights

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, whether they are in a social environment or a professional one. Of course, this isn’t always the case.  If your rights have been violated by another person, your employer, or another company or organization, Leeman Law is here to help. We are firmly committed to the philosophy that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect and that everyone should have their rights protected. We believe that the courts are obligated to help those who have been violated find justice.

Of course, obtaining justice is sometimes easier said than done. That’s why we always recommend that anyone facing an issue of this nature retain an experienced Indiana employment/civil rights attorney. The legal system is complex, and companies and organizations often have extensive resources that they can use in their own defense. Having your own knowledgeable attorney can level the playing field.

Even the Government Can be Guilty of Violating Your Rights

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There are federal laws which allow individuals the ability to sue if their rights have been violated by someone acting on behalf of the state. The perpetrator might be a police officer or a government employee. There are also provisions that allow the victim to sue entities that are acting “under the color of the law,” like private prisons, housing departments, and public utilities.

Civil rights laws are complex because multiple federal and state statutes could apply. An experienced civil rights lawyer understands these various laws and how to craft a strong argument to show that you were not being treated within your rights.

We are willing to aggressively litigate to protect your rights and get justice for you if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Prosecution misconduct
  • False or warrantless arrest
  • Police harassment
  • Police brutality
  • Unlawful shootings
  • Violations of the First Amendment
  • Any other violations of your rights

Employment/Civil Rights Laws

Don’t let a big company get away with violating your rights. We’ll take the fight to them. Call Leeman Law to find out how.

The complexity of employment and civil rights law might seem daunting to the layperson, but Leeman Law’s attorneys are experienced in defending those whose rights have been violated under any number of federal and state laws, including:

  • 42 U.S.C. 1983
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • The Equal Pay Act
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • Indiana Code 22-9

A Logansport employment/civil rights lawyer is your key to getting justice for yourself, no matter how intimidating the opposition.

Leeman Law is here to help you assert your rights. Give us a call so that we can start analyzing your case so that you get the justice you deserve.