Drug Crimes Attorney

There are several different types of criminal activity related to drugs that an individual can be charged with in the state of Indiana. These charges may fall under the Indiana Criminal Code, the Federal Penal Code, or both. Charges may be related to street drugs or prescription drugs, and in addition to possession, they could specifically target selling, dealing, or manufacturing controlled substances.

However, regardless of the specific charge, it is crucial that you take the risk of a conviction very seriously and that you retain the services of a Logansport drug crime lawyer immediately. One thing that most of these charges have in common is that they may result in felony charges of varying severity depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Even if you believe that you are guilty of an offense, you still need representation to help negotiate and mitigate your sentence.

Courts are Campaigning Against Drug Crime

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In an ideal world, the justice system would be just that—a system dedicated only to meting out justice in an entirely fair and impartial manner. As everyone knows, however, that isn’t necessarily the case. Our justice system isn’t always used only for justice; it’s also sometimes used as a political tool.  Drug-related crimes, like drinking and driving and domestic violence, are at the forefront of public awareness.

Because of this, many courts and judges are more likely to assign the strictest possible penalties to those convicted of a drug-related crime. Prosecutors don’t like to offer more favorable plea deals because they fear being seen as “soft on drug crime.”

However, an experienced Indiana drug crime attorney has strategies that they can use to facilitate negotiations that are more favorable for you or to build the strongest possible defense for a jury trial. They will work hard to force the prosecution to show that there is evidence that you committed these crimes, beyond a reasonable doubt.

You Need Someone On Your Side

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We know that the justice system shouldn’t take “sides,” but when it comes to politically charged issues like drug crime, that ideal often doesn’t hold up. That’s why you need someone knowledgeable, experienced, aggressive, and ready to defend you. That’s why you need Leeman Law. We know how the laws work, and we can make the law work for you. Contact us as soon as possible, so that we can begin researching the details of your case and building a strong defense.

Criminal convictions, particularly those involving drugs, can have devastating consequences. That’s why you need a lawyer who is willing to aggressively and effectively defend your rights in a court of law. Contact Leeman Law now!