Battery & Intimidation Attorney

Battery charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, with the courts often choosing to pursue the charges that will result in the most severe penalties. There is usually a legal distinction made between “assault” and “battery;” however, both of these types of offenses are covered under the same set of codes in Indiana. Battery charges can be extremely complex, and the difference between being exonerated or becoming a convicted felon rests almost entirely on whether or not you have competent legal representation.

Misdemeanor Battery

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At its simplest, battery of any type is committed when there is intentional contact with another person without their consent, and that this contact is rude, insolent, angry, or may result in harm or injury.

To be convicted of a misdemeanor battery charge, an individual must have (at a minimum) touched another person in a way that a reasonable person would consider insolent or rude. This type of battery is usually found to be a Class B misdemeanor. Potential penalties for a Class B misdemeanor include fines of up to $1,000 and jail time (up to 180 days).

Depending upon certain circumstances surrounding the crime, however, such as if the battery results in injury or if the victim is part of a protected class, battery may be charged as a felony.

Felony Battery and Domestic Battery

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If the crime of battery causes serious injury, it is typically a felony charge. Even if it did not cause harm, if a deadly weapon was used during the crime, it may also be a felony. Furthermore, there is another category of battery—domestic battery—which carries more severe consequences. Indiana code clearly defines certain domestic relationships, and if the accused committed battery while in one of these relationships, they are barred from possessing firearms in the future, even if the crime itself was only a misdemeanor.

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Retaining an Indiana battery and intimidation lawyer has many benefits. Your attorney will be able to analyze all of the evidence surrounding your case to determine the best defense strategy. A qualified Logansport battery and intimidation lawyer understands how to negotiate with the prosecution to get you the best possible outcome, which may include plea deals, probation in place of jail time, etc. The sooner you hire your attorney, the more they’ll be able to do to preserve and protect your rights.

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