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Indiana offers two options for appeal after a criminal conviction. You may be able to appeal the conviction itself, or you may appeal the sentence you received for that conviction. You can also appeal both simultaneously.

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How the Indiana Criminal Appeals System Works

The Indiana appeals process cannot start until after a conviction and sentencing. Generally, sentencing does not occur immediately after a conviction. The reason is to provide some time to gather information that may be necessary to review and consider as part of the sentencing.

Following the sentencing, the window of opportunity for filing appeals is narrow—you will only have 30 days to file a Notice of Appeal and request of copy of the trial record. Once that occurs, here’s what happens next:

  • An appellate brief will be written and submitted to the court: The brief should detail the mistakes that were made and why the verdict should be reversed or the sentence should be altered. No new evidence will be submitted as part of the appeal.
  • The state will submit a response: Typically, the response will state why the verdict and/or sentence should stand. Depending on the details of the response, there may be an opportunity for the individual seeking the appeal to submit a follow-up brief.
  • The appellate hearing may take place: This is the opportunity for each side to present their arguments. A panel of three judges will oversee the hearing and may ask questions during the proceedings. Please be aware that hearings may not always occur as part of an appeal.
  • The Indiana Court of Appeals makes a decision: This written decision may affirm or reverse the trial court’s decisions, and the party that lost the appeal may have the option for filing a transfer to take the case to a higher court.

Grounds for filing a criminal appeal in Indiana include (and are not limited to):

  • Legal mistakes, like mishandling evidence or an absence of evidence to support the guilty verdict
  • Juror misconduct, such as improper communication or failing to disclose information pertaining to the case
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel, like failing to disclose a conflict of interest or failing to thoroughly investigate the prosecution’s evidence or witnesses

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