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About Mark Leeman

Mark Kelly Leeman is a Cass County native and father of three. He is a graduate of Indiana University Kelley School of Business, where he majored in Business Economics and Public Policy, and a cum laude graduate of the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington. In law school, Mr. Leeman worked for the honorable Paul D. Mathias of the Indiana Court of Appeals and the honorable Judge Larry J. McKinney of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.


After law school, Mr. Leeman clerked for Robert G. James of the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. As a clerk, Mr. Leeman worked on both criminal and civil cases involving some of the most cutting edge issues in federal law. The federal criminal docket included armed robbery cases, interstate drug trafficking, and habeas corpus petitions involving complex issues of federal constitutional law, such as discrimination in jury selection. The federal civil docket involved cases of employment discrimination, civil class action, and civil rights claims against municipalities.


Before returning to Logansport, Mr. Leeman worked for a large corporate law firm in Chicago, practicing employment and class action defense. In Chicago Mr. Leeman had an opportunity to litigate cases in seven different states and before dozens of administrative agencies.

In 2010, after his first son was born, Mr. Leeman returned to his hometown of Logansport, where he joined his father’s practice and served as city attorney for the City of Logansport. Since joining his father’s practice, Mr. Leeman has practiced in a broad range of areas including employment law, civil litigation, family law, and criminal defense at trial and on appeal.  

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Employment Law

Mr. Leeman has worked on federal employment discrimination cases for nearly a decade. He represents clients who have been unlawfully discriminated at work because of their age, disability, gender, and race. Mr. Leeman has also represented clients who have been discriminated against for lawfully using employer provided health insurance.  


He has also represented clients who have been retaliated against by their employer for engaging in protected activities. A protected activity includes complaining about an employer’s violation of federal and state employment laws, including violations of federal overtime laws.


If you believe you are being unlawfully discriminated at work, discharged due for illegal reasons, or unlawfully denied employee benefits, Mr. Leeman can help represent you in getting fair compensation for your losses.

Experienced Appellant Lawyer

Mr. Leeman has represented clients in over one hundred appeals. He has represented clients in appealing all manner of cases, including criminal, civil, employment, and family law matters. If you have lost a case, or if you are an attorney looking assistance and advice in appealing a client’s case, Mr. Leeman can use his years of appellant experience to assist you in your case.

Criminal Law Experience

Mr. Leeman represents clients charged with the most serious felony offenses, including murder, corrupt business influence, attempted murder, rape, child molesting, dealing in drugs, conspiracy, and robbery. Mr. Leeman has handled hundreds of felony cases at both the trial and appellant level. He has negotiated plea agreements, prevailed in getting sentences modified, reversed, and reduced, and he has successfully argued cases before juries, the Indiana Court of Appeals, and the Indiana Supreme Court. Mark Leeman is among the few attorneys in Indiana who has prevailed in raising the insanity defense in a case involving murder charges, Kelley v. State, 2 N.E.2d 777 (Ind. Ct. App. 2014) (reversing guilty convictions on grounds that defendant was insane). And he also has experience helping clients and their families who are facing the terrible situation of having a child charged with murder. Hunt v. State, 31 N.E.3d 550 (Ind. Ct. App. 2015).    


In addition to felony cases, Mr. Leeman represents clients charged with misdemeanors, including operating while intoxicated and other driving related offenses. He also regularly represents clients in expunging criminal records and uses his experience in employment and administrative law to assist client’s in cleaning up their records and restoring their licenses and right to possess firearms.  


If you have been charged with a crime, want to discuss restoring your rights after a criminal conviction, or need to appeal a conviction, it is important that you consult with an experienced and skilled attorney in these matters. Time is of the essence in protecting your rights.  

Civil Litigation and Personal Injury

Mr. Leeman represents clients in personal injury cases and civil disputes. He handles all manner of civil litigation, including personal injury, automobile accidents, and wrongful death. Mr. Leeman has particular experience in civil matters and personal injury cases where the injury involves an employee/employer relationship, such as defamation in employment, employer theft of benefits, wrongful death due to violence in the workplace, and blacklisting of employees.      

Family Law

Mr. Leeman handles divorces, guardianships, custody matters, and adoptions. Mr. Leeman has a background and degree in business economics and experience modeling the value of businesses and other assets. As such, Mr. Leeman has served as lead counsel and been retained to assist in cases involving complex assets such as closely held corporations, private and public pensions, and valuing business goodwill in medical practices.


If you have a family law matter involving a business that you have worked years to develop, Mr. Leeman can help you in protecting the business and its goodwill during dissolution proceedings.